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SWB 2020 & 2018 Postcard Packs Now Available!

We’ve made it even easier to share the joy of the SWB 2020 & 2018 Calendar Collections, without having to part with any of your calendar cards. The images from each month of the calendars are 4x5 invitation size cards (all the same image), packaged in sets of 10 with envelopes. Variety packs have 4x5 cards of all 12 months of each year with 12 envelopes. Each of the three 5x7 bonus cards for each year also come as a set of 10 with envelopes. 

We have “The Present” Greeting Cards (folding) back in stock and are available as sets of 10 and single cards, both including envelopes. We will be introducing more new greeting cards and bringing back some postcards from past years, so please stay tuned for more updates.  

As always, a portion of proceeds from all sales of Susan Wallace Barnes Art goes to support the studies of people dedicated to the education, awareness, and protection of our oceans, such as Whale Trust Maui.

Thank you for your continued support of Susan's artwork, we appreciate you!

* * * 2021 COMING SOON!!! * * * 

The Susan Wallace Barnes 2021 5x7 and 11x14 Calendars Collections pre-order will be announced soon!


We continue to explore options for NEW greeting cards and other products and welcome your feedback.

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